This poem is taken from Stand 216, 15(4) December 2017 - February 2018.

John Gohorry Poem
Squeak, Budgie
Six stanzas from the latest (the fourth) set of ongoing reflections by Pipsqueak, a critical budgerigar caught up in the turmoil of UK politics.

... What has Mrs May done, triggering Article Fifty
before calling a general election and losing those thirty seats?
Shameless, hubristic, self-protecting, fundamentally shifty,
she finds a way forward, side-stepping her many defeats,
buys off her come-uppance, ignoring the bird in the street’s
indignation, and outraging all decent democrats
with a billion pounds sterling paid to the Bowler Hats.

For a fingertip hold on power no price is too high
and the Bowler Hats knowing this take her to the wire,
promising, just in time for the Queen’s Speech, confidence and supply
to preserve Mrs May in her frying pan out of the fire.
Two years the arrangement runs and will then expire,
or no doubt be renewed for whoever’s Prime Minister then
to keep flying the Brexit flag from the front door of Number Ten.
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