This poem is taken from Stand 218, 16(2) May - June 2018.

Josh Ekroy Poem
That truckling with the Eternal

                                               is finished, he said
giving me Manfred Pyrborg’s Norse Mythology,
but I am absolutely sure he had no ulterior motive.
I am not angry with him as I know he is only
playing the part assigned to him by Providence.
I forced myself to strangle my nascent loathing
for this impromptu demon of torment and I
cursed Fate for seeking to pervert my feelings
for a generous friend. And who was it that
had sent me here? From that moment my suspicions
multiplied. They did not dare to kill me outright
only to drive me mad by underhand methods
so that I’d vanish behind the gates of the madhouse.
I took a morning walk outside the walls of the
town. A telegraph post beside the road was making
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