This poem is taken from Stand 219, 16(3) August - September 2018.

Miklós Radnóti Two Poems Trans. by Stephen Capus
In My Memories

In my memories the flowers file past once more…
I’m standing around in the rain as before;
Then along come two women with brilliant moist smiles,
Followed by two fat pigeons, proud
Of their bellies that reach to the ground.

It’s a year ago now… In the soft evening rain
On the road to Senlis I was happy again
For a moment—though why I couldn’t explain
As all round me the forest arose
Like a wall of green and the ferns swayed to and fro—

And from Ermenonville, like a silly young girl
Dressed all in white, a grove of birch
Came running and there, at a bend in the road,
A soldier stood among ripples
Of mud; and between his teeth was a rose.
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