This poem is taken from Stand 214, 15(2) August - October 2017.

Elizabeth Cook Two Poems
Dürer, 1514: Two Studies

St Jerome

The lion and the dog are snoozing together
as the prophet almost foretold. Sunlight, filtered
through chequer-board
of thick-lensed panes,
caresses a skull that's as companionable
and casual as a doffed hat on a shelf.

Scratch scratch. Scratch scratch.
Dip and flick of nib in ink pot. The saint hears only
the words in his mind. Pursues
only the Word.
In the hour-glass the soft sand falls,
lands on its cushion of sand.

Melencolia 1

The starved hound shivers in his sleep
while in his dream he bounds like the hare
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