This poem is taken from Stand 214, 15(2) August - October 2017.

Elaine Glover and Jon Glover Six Poems
Walking Sticks

For remembering Terezin – a joint tribute to poems over time

Looking at drawings from Terezin

We usually stand touching.

       Before stars of David, pinned to skeletons,
       Before the numbers sitting on boards, hung
              above and around with coats,
       Then; no numbers, coats piled to be taken,

We stand, not touching.

The gallery is still with walkers watching their
       shoes while they move as if toward a coffin.
Yet, at funerals, relatives pat backs and whisper,
β€˜the mums, the coffin, the body so natural.’

And one, or some can replace one dead –
       the functions at least.
But the numbers on the walls are not
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