This poem is taken from Stand 215, 15(3) October - November 2017.

Astrid Alben Four Poems
Just before dawn the stars pause above us.  
Space is photogenic. Oxygen, uranium and gold, Poet,  

is what we are made of. One life is not enough to run  
breathe speak run run Poet run across the autobahn orbiting  
the earth no need for pausing for the cameras blaze a trail
grinning from you to yours burst open plainspeak

Oh Poet I love you Poet if no one else will love you Poet
without you I am shadowless, the naked parts of canvas.

The shape of a screaming Goya comes face to face with the face  
of my early life says a boy is a boy by birth and not a choice.

This breaking news is worse far worse than when Poet wanted  
to grow up be a Jew & write the history of the world hard-pressed  

to a diasporic chest. A slug (hermaphrodite) moves from B to  
drainpipe go-kart boy girl girl boy boy girl girl Goya Goy—   

the rage of sleep is fragile outlives the scattered broken ruins &
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