This poem is taken from Stand 217, 16(1) March - April 2018.

Don Staines Poem
This poem was published in Stand vol. 15, no. 4 with errors, for which the editors apologise. The poem is reproduced here in its correct form.


Fifty friendship years ré-quire
a two-hundred-mile trip north to celebrate.
Wet trees glisten
in a November garden, below a river flows full flood
down from Rosedale, from the secret
moors, and kingfishers fire past.

River, trees, kingfishers ‒ all of it
been doing this living stuff
for aeons, more even: O 
a mere yesterday, an inattentive glance
at the clock. We were, back then, just boys yet
thought childhood was done

and life ‒ the real thing ‒ was come...
A feast at The Star Inn, near Helmsley
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