This poem is taken from Stand 220, 16(4) November - December 2018.

Shanta Acharya Poem
(In memory of Ken Smith)

You can be the richest person on earth and be happy, almost.
You can win the lottery and become a millionaire overnight.
You can be famous, list your bonds on the stock market.
Or go bankrupt, die of shame and regret, almost.
You can live happily in good health, in peace with your
Neighbours, almost; or you can fight each other forever.
You can be almost anything you want to be in your dreams –
The Milky Way, Beethoven, Shakespeare or Michelangelo.     
You can fly to the moon, or just be yourself, happy, unknown.
Some days you feel on top of the world walking the streets.
Some days you fear losing almost everything in an instant,
Be swept off your feet by UFOs or killed in an accident...
Unlimited possibilities are not given to human beings,
If they were our lives would dissolve in the boundless.
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