This article is taken from Stand 222, 17(2) May - June 2019.

Eleanor Wong From: Jointly & Severably
Ellen and Elizabeth (Zee) had been in a long-term relationship for many years. Together they brought up Ellen’s daughter, Sam. In Act One, Zee, a university professor, left Ellen for Nat, Zee’s research assistant and Sam’s best friend.  

At the start of Act Two, Zee turns to Ellen for help.  

Zee’s affair with Nat has been discovered by the University, Nat has outed herself to her parents and been turfed out of the family home, and Nat now needs a place to stay. To complicate matters, it just happens to be Movie Night – when Ellen’s group of well-meaning friends (Mark, Jessica, and Victoria) have made it a point to sleepover and keep Ellen company.  

It’s a full house.  

Act Two Scene Four takes place the morning after …


Take the deal and walk away.
Honey, take the deal and skip away.
Let me get this straight. The department is willing to sweep it under the rug.
IF she swears out a statutory declaration to the effect that there’s absolutely no truth to the allegations.
That they’re having an affair?
And that she’s gay. They just want to avoid mass hysteria from parents if this goes any further.
These are the same parents who don’t realise their precious babies are having unprotected sex at the sports ...
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