This poem is taken from Stand 223, 17(3) September - November 2019.

Keijiro Suga Poem
Historia Coyotesca

We have always lived on this yellow earth,
Howling at too red a moon, weeping for the lack of water.
Then each time the blood stained my heart
I felt as helpless and dry as the sand.

Field mice give birth to mice and mice become the land.
A deranged owl flies in search of a better grave.
Why don’t you build your grave on my body one day?
Trees will cast a shadow darker than the salt and eternity will sway.

The raven wanders with its black wings in the blue sky.
It can go anywhere but it lingers by circling around.
What kind of visitation from the past does it want?
I can only pray to the sky and lick the pricks on my swollen foot.

I was born with many siblings.
We grew up together by eating rotten meat.
Then one morning our mother had a fit of extreme anger.
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