This poem is taken from Stand 223, 17(3) September - November 2019.

Holly Corfield Carr Poem

                black lash  ͡  longing the turn
                over seas  ͡  the helicopter’s landing
gear its boom  ͡  and lens and men
    and a vision  ͡  mixer switching
        to the bloodshot  ͡  birdseye of the spill
    that tender blister  ͡  of oil brightening in the sun
with all the beauty  ͡  of a backlit retinal scan
indicating where I can  ͡  should I wish
                look death in the eye. I wish  ͡  I could have been there
                to kiss close the sea for you  ͡  lay every coin across
                        its one dead eye  ͡  you swallowing a love you
                            on the inbreath  ͡  as if this were painful
                    as the broadcast cuts  ͡  to teens on the beach
                                    each  ͡  sponging a glossy seal pup
                    as the helicopter  ͡  lost earring glittering
at the reporter’s shoulder  ͡  lifts
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