This poem is taken from Stand 223, 17(3) September - November 2019.

Dimitra Ioannou Poem
Capital is Tantalised Again

REJECT   TheNeoliberalExperiment  SentencesPlaguedByCorruption

REJECT   hydrocarbons-the-next-big-bet-in-greece

There are processes and two, distances and one, neo/colonies and desertification.  
Language, a conflict material like gold, tantalum, and tungsten, is adulterated at the borders, the

The horizon, a difference between idioms, is wrapped and unwrapped around the fingers.
The fingers have the tendency to establish various hegemonies, while the borders promote the clash
of meanings.  The sentences are split, cut off, and now one and now the other devolve into recession.

What biology do they have?
They don’t have a biology.

It’s only when we reach our limit of stories that they can ratify concession contracts, announce the
Eldorado Revival, begin deforestation by opening paths, boast that they will be back with 20 to 25
holes in and around, exploit Cassandra mines, acquire Energy and Environment, our firs, oaks, beech
and chestnut trees, our crude oil and natural gas.

REJECT   TheDesireToShutTheCitizensUp
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