This poem is taken from Stand 224, 17(4) December 2019 - February 2020.

Ben McGuire Two Poems
One Last Amendment to Constancy

I wanted to lay up
summer star charts
of your body’s moles and freckles

down in my pith,
                            year on vaulted year.

Keep yesterday open.
We can be alone together there.
Meet me
                half-way on this
                                            what we were.


After the painting ‘Plummet’ by Anne Madden

The boy is just a gull shape now
in flames that seem to pale – tired
of seeing this coming, seeing it come? –

water, canvas-vast, that accepts anything; 
close, darkened around his smoke,
and day-draped, waveless into the distance.

Salt – the punch.
He’s always falling
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