This poem is taken from Stand 225, 18(1) March - May 2020.

Martin Bennett Six Poems
From a Balcony


Versus hacked email backslash failed bancomats
(electronic gremlins in the works
or worse, what makes edgy neurotics

of us all) this therapeutic paean:
How those slow low-floating aerostats
of cumulus maintain due distance;

a breeze proceeding without hindrance;
the blue pitched serene, sunblent, perfect,
neither glitch nor issue to inflict.

II. Staycation
     Loosely based on Martial, Book VI, 43

While you whoop it up Saint Tropez,
Baia or the Maldives, give me any day
the languor of this eighth floor stay-
cation back in Rome. (Not needing to pay
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