This poem is taken from Stand 226, 18(2) June - August 2020.

Robin Houghton On My Watch
On My Watch

A controlled flight shall be under the control of only one air traffic control unit at any given time.
Manual of Air Traffic Services – Part 1 (Civil Aviation Authority, 2015) section 1, Chapter 4, part 1, paragraph 1.1

Lowlight for us both. You drift as your seat goes back.
Meditate on what you hear: the pop of a ring-pull, a hum,
a tray being stowed.
Three-Three Left, line up and wait
Speedbird Eight-Zero Golf heavy –

Rime ice may be hugging the wings, throwing its familiar shapes.
That’s not for you to know. Maybe I am in your dream right now.
I know you exist in your own way,

motionless but moving. Recline as I tinker with flight paths:
your unawareness is my blessing. Between my headset and my head
is the game. All is as it seems tonight.
Passing two thousand climbing five thousand
On the LTK departure –

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