This poem is taken from Stand 226, 18(2) June - August 2020.

Robert Hamberger Six Poems
From Nude Against a Rock (poems after Keith Vaughan)

Two Figures Embracing

I want more than anything someone I can love and trust and who is willing to return the same. But I cannot find that person, nor do I know any longer where to look for him. — Keith Vaughan, First journal entry, 25th August 1939

A street in Amiens
where the men hunch their shoulders
and ask for a light.

A whitewashed chapel on Santorini
where I catch his eye: that glint
the tiniest flame.

Some flicker of interest – dark lashes
letting me in. (O dive dive!)
This chill; its risk; a goosepimpled temptation.

To the Black Horse in Soho,
the Gents under the clock tower,
through parks at dusk, amusement arcades.

A week before war my prince
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