This poem is taken from Stand 227, 18(3) September - November 2020.

Joan Michelson Five Poems

Richard Dimbleby

allowed that some

wouldn’t believe it.

Some would feel these

things shouldn’t be told.

But he was a BBC war

correspondent and

among the first to reach

Bergen Belsen

Concentration Camp.

Years later, his son

Jonathan said, ‘My

father never spoke

about these things


On Liberation Day, his

father toured the camp

with the chief doctor of

the British Second

Army. Richard

Dimbleby found it hard

to ‘describe adequately

the...things (he’d)  seen

and heard’.

His companion Patrick

Walker recorded voices

of the just freed. He

warns us to be watchful

of our response. Among

his voices are orphaned

children from a barracks

he came upon when

he’d passed a wall of


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