This article is taken from Stand 228, 18(4) December 2020 - February 2021.

Li Shaojun 李少君, John Whale, and Hai-Sui Yu 余海岁 A Selection of Contemorary Chinese Poetry Preface: Poetry, A Conversation

月号 前言 不管是在中国还是英国,诗歌都正在重新受到人们的关注和喜爱,但同时也面临着一系列 新的挑战。当下,古老传统的诗歌艺术形式也正在受到日益盛行的新社交媒体交流方式的冲 击。以此为契机,一场为期两天的高规格活动——“诗歌,对话:中国与英国”于2019年9月 在利兹大学举行,为在两国享有盛誉的诗人们提供了对话,相互交流、学习的机会, 与会者 们一起探讨了诗歌对丰富各文化的深远意义,,并分享了他们对各自国家诗歌继承的认识和看 法,以及如何利用新媒体在未来的诗歌创作里获取新的灵感。另外, 诗歌翻译——除了方便 沟通的或更好地传播,也包括学习与反思也是该活动的另一个重要方面。 这次活动的主要参与者是分别在英国和中国享有盛誉的诗人,活动为他们提供了在实践和 创造力方面难得的一次交流机会。此外,此次活动的参与者还包括来自新加坡和香港的诗人以 及一位英国华裔诗人,他们代表着广大的散居在世界各地的华裔们以及那些在特定语言环境下 用英语来表达自己的诗人们, 如何去探索两种文化之间可能存在的交叉点、以及差异和综合 创造力。 参加这次活动的诗人有:Simon Armitage, Malika Booker, Kimberly Campanello, Ian Duhig, Zaffar Kunial, Madeleine Lee, Helen Mort, Jennifer Lee Tsai, John Whale, Eleanor Wong, Jay G. Ying,李元胜,路也,娜夜,王家新,余海岁,杨碧薇,杨克,张家 玮 本期特刊包含一些选自中国诗人的诗选,这些诗人参与或协助发起了这次别具意义的诗歌 活动。 余海岁教授,利兹大学常务副校长 李少君,

诗刊》主编 John Whale教授,Stand杂志主编

Poetry in China and the UK is enjoying renewed interest and popularity – as well as a new set of challenges. The ancient and often traditional art form of poetry now contends with new modes of communication through social media. A high profile, two-day event titled Poetry, A Conversation: China and the UK was therefore held at the University of Leeds in September 2019 with the aim to establish a conversation between key practitioners in both countries to see how they would learn from each other about the value of poetry to their respective cultures and to provide them with an opportunity to share their thoughts about the poetic inheritance of their respective countries and also to consider how new forms of communication might offer inspiration for poetry in the future. Translation was also an important aspect of the event – not just in terms of the pragmatic or practical aspects of communication, but also as an important topic of study and reflection.

The key participants were poets of established reputation from the UK and China and the event offered them a rare opportunity to exchange ideas at a level of practice ...
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