This article is taken from Stand 239, 21(3) October - December 2023.

Ralph Goldswain The Enigma of Lewis Pryce-Morgan

DATE:       11/2/2010
TO:       JOHN

Here’s the file. I’d value your advice. I don’t think there’s enough for us to make a decision yet. On the other hand, there has definitely been an offence committed. Fascinating as the contents of the file are, much of it doesn’t bear on a possible prosecution. I’ve been gathering everything I can get my hands on so that you will have a good background but obviously the suspects will have been careful to cover their backs, although there were a few indiscreet emails hanging about (God, how careless – or stupid – so-called intelligent people can be!) but not enough, I think. It makes an extraordinary story. Regarding the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Miller has been diligent and creative in her searches in the face of the need for secrecy, and she’s done well. I don’t need to tell you to keep this confidential.

The documents are arranged in chronological order.

Document 1:  
Entry in baby diary of Elizabeth Pryce-Morgan,
3rd August 1997
Thirteen months! Lewis gazed up at me from the blocks he was playing with and said ‘Look.’ The row of blocks spelt out: ‘I love you mother’. He’s so sweet, so appealing with his dark eyes. It’s strange to see my baby walking and talking, asking for things in perfect, grammatical, sentences and commenting on everything under the sun. I still haven’t quite come to terms with his spoken language, and this block writing ...
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