Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook’s new collection, When I Kiss the Sky, will be published by the Worple Press in the autumn. A previous collection, Bowl, was also published by Worple and a pamphlet, The Sound of the Rain, by Garlic Press. She is the author of two works of fiction, Achilles (Methuen) and Lux (Scribe). ‘Calf’ won Third Prize in the 2020 Troubadour International Poetry Prize competition.

Elizabeth Cook's work featured in Stand Magazine comprises three contributions of poetry and seven articles, over a period of 22 years. Also available are one review of Elizabeth Cook's work and one translation by Elizabeth Cook.
Further Reading
Article in Stand 172, 3(4) - 4(1) (Double Issue) (2001) Why I do not feel ready to leave the world of sense
Article in Stand 175, 5(2) (2004) Shadows and Angles
Article in Stand 175, 5(2) (2004) Skin
Article in Stand 175, 5(2) (2004) Bliss and Vegetables
Article in Stand 175, 5(2) (2004) In the Night
Translation of an Article by Eugenio Montale in Stand 176, 5(3) (2004) from Ossi di Seppia translated by Elizabeth Cook
Poetry Collection in Stand 198, 11(2) (2012) Three Poems
Poetry Collection in Stand 214, 15(2) (2017) Two Poems
Poetry Collection in Stand 230, 19(2) (2021) Seven Poems
Reviewed by Ed Reiss in Stand 233, 20(1) (2022) Review
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