The current Contributor Archive provides details of all contributions (and, in some cases, the contribution itself) in all of the issues of Stand Magazine published since March 1999. At this point the Volumes were renumbered to start again from Volume 1 Number 1, 1999, to date. We are working on adding all contributor details in this format for all of the issues in the previous published sequence from Stand Magazine Number 1, 1952 to Volume 40 Number 2, Spring 1999. Until this is complete, you can access a list of all of the contributors and their works published from 1952 as a downloadable spreadsheet.
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John Pache (contributed once in 2004)
Ruth Padel (contributed three times in 1999)
Bibhu Padhi (contributed five times between 2009 and 2021)
Jenny Pagdin (contributed once in 2022)
Tom Paine (contributed once in 2021)
Andrew Palmer (contributed once in 2014)
Carl Palmer (contributed once in 2022)
Isabel Palmer (contributed twice between 2014 and 2017)
William Palmer (contributed three times between 2007 and 2015)
Opal Palmer Adisa (contributed once in 2022)
Pam Zinneman-Hope (contributed once in 2006)
Stephanos Papadopoulos (contributed five times in 1999)
Marie Papier (contributed once in 2020)
Michelle Paramanantham (contributed once in 2013)
Yusi Avianto Pareanom (contributed once in 2019)
Vincent Parker (contributed once in 2019)
Olivia Parkes (contributed once in 2014)
Ian Parks (contributed twice between 2011 and 2014)
Sandeep Parmar (contributed once in 2008)
Sophia Parnok (contributed once in 2023)
Stephen Derwent Partington (contributed once in 2009)
Sarah Passingham (contributed once in 2008)
Yogesh Patel (contributed once in 2022)
Alasdair Paterson (contributed once in 2011)
Anita Pati (contributed once in 2019)
Simon Patten (contributed once in 2020)
Ricardo Pau-Llosa (contributed six times between 2012 and 2023)
Colette Paul (contributed once in 2013)
Cesare Pavese (contributed five times between 1999 and 2004)
Milika Pavlovic (contributed five times in 2001)
Anne Pawle (contributed once in 2021)
Alexandria Peary (contributed once in 2009)
Ilse Pedler (contributed once in 2018)
Michelle Penn (contributed once in 2022)
Mark G. Pennington (contributed once in 2021)
Michael Penny (contributed once in 2023)
Emanuele Zoppellari Perale (contributed once in 2021)
Simon Perchik (contributed seven times between 2013 and 2020)
Marjorie Perloff (contributed twice between 1999 and 2000)
Andrew Peters (contributed once in 2023)
John G. Peters (contributed once in 2016)
Pascale Petit (contributed once in 2019)
Mario Petrucci (contributed eight times between 2006 and 2017)
Jeff Phelps (contributed once in 2000)
Anne Lee Tzu Pheng (contributed once in 2019)
Robyn Maree Pickens (contributed once in 2022)
Stuart Pickford (contributed six times between 2014 and 2023)
Andrew Pidoux (contributed four times between 2009 and 2023)
Thomas Piekarski (contributed once in 2022)
Nicholas Pierpan (contributed twice between 2016 and 2017)
Adam Piette (contributed once in 2022)
Christopher Pilling (contributed once in 2008)
Stephen Pimenoff (contributed five times between 2016 and 2019)
Ian Pindar (contributed once in 2011)
Daniel Polikoff (contributed once in 2009)
Toni Pollard (contributed twice in 2019)
Estill Pollock (contributed once in 2007)
Anzhelina Polonskaya (contributed once in 2007)
Nadezhda Polyakov (contributed once in 2009)
Bethany W Pope (contributed once in 2021)
Boris Poplavsky (contributed once in 2009)
Ian Pople (contributed twice between 2012 and 2015)
Eleanor Porter (contributed once in 2000)
Peter Porter (contributed three times in 1999)
Rochelle Potkar (contributed once in 2019)
Kate Potts (contributed once in 2011)
Laura Potts (contributed once in 2020)
Margaux Poueymirou (contributed once in 2007)
Elizabeth A.I. Powell (contributed once in 2021)
Frank C. Praeger (contributed once in 2008)
Chris Preddle (contributed twice between 2008 and 2017)
Nigel Prentice (contributed twice between 2016 and 2021)
Sarah Prescott (contributed four times between 2017 and 2020)
Edmund Prestwich (contributed once in 2014)
Jacques Prevert (contributed once in 2017)
Caroline Price (contributed four times between 2015 and 2020)
D.A. Prince (contributed three times between 2018 and 2022)
Donna Pucciana (contributed four times between 2008 and 2020)
Sheenagh Pugh (contributed twice between 1999 and 2000)
Sheree La Puma (contributed once in 2021)
Rodney Pybus (contributed 17 times between 1999 and 2018)
Stella Pye (contributed 13 times between 2014 and 2020)
Avril Pyman (contributed once in 2015)
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