The current Contributor Archive provides details of all contributions (and, in some cases, the contribution itself) in all of the issues of Stand Magazine published since March 1999. At this point the Volumes were renumbered to start again from Volume 1 Number 1, 1999, to date. We are working on adding all contributor details in this format for all of the issues in the previous published sequence from Stand Magazine Number 1, 1952 to Volume 40 Number 2, Spring 1999. Until this is complete, you can access a list of all of the contributors and their works published from 1952 as a downloadable spreadsheet.
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Vittoria D'Alessio (contributed once in 2008)
Charles D'Orléans (contributed once in 2004)
Tony D'Souza (contributed once in 1999)
Brian Daldorph (contributed once in 2013)
Brian Daldorph (contributed once in 2008)
Peter Dale (contributed twice in 2004)
Amanda Dalton (contributed once in 2003)
Alistair Daniel (contributed once in 2011)
John Daniel (contributed once in 2011)
Katy Darby (contributed once in 2000)
Norman Darden (contributed once in 2008)
Colin Dardis (contributed once in 2018)
Mim Darlington (contributed once in 2009)
M. Daruwala (contributed once in 2007)
James Davey (contributed twice between 2014 and 2017)
Peter Davidson (contributed three times between 1999 and 2000)
Ryan J. Davidson (contributed once in 2016)
Jessica Davidson-Lawrence (contributed once in 2003)
Joe Davies (contributed once in 2011)
Pamela Davis (contributed once in 2014)
William Virgil Davis (contributed once in 2018)
Peter Davison (contributed twice in 2000)
Adam Day (contributed twice between 2011 and 2015)
Holly Day (contributed twice between 2014 and 2019)
Ron De Maris (contributed four times between 2015 and 2018)
Julia Deakin (contributed twice between 2007 and 2018)
Jack Debney (contributed eight times between 2004 and 2018)
Jason DeBoer (contributed once in 2001)
Tracy DeBrincat (contributed once in 2012)
Gail Dendy (contributed three times between 1999 and 2014)
Catherine DeVito (contributed once in 2018)
Nirwan Dewanto (contributed once in 2019)
Christopher DeWeese (contributed once in 2018)
Imtiaz Dharker (contributed twice in 1999)
Peter Dibsbury (contributed once in 1999)
Jennifer K. Dick (contributed four times in 2003)
Ian Dieffenthaller (contributed once in 2019)
Salvatore Difalco (contributed four times between 2014 and 2015)
Ellen Dillon (contributed once in 2019)
Ann Dinan (contributed once in 2011)
Alan Dixon (contributed once in 2012)
Assia Djebar (contributed once in 1999)
Carl Djerassi (contributed once in 2001)
Eugene Dobnov (contributed once in 2001)
Craig Dobson (contributed once in 2016)
Bill Dodd (contributed twice between 2011 and 2015)
Joe Doerr (contributed twice in 2016)
Joe Francis Doerr (contributed four times between 2005 and 2009)
Jack Donahue (contributed once in 2020)
Clive Donovan (contributed once in 2018)
Katie Donovan (contributed once in 2008)
Gary Dop (contributed once in 2014)
Hélène Dorion (contributed once in 2006)
Thomas Dorsett (contributed once in 2016)
Jane Downs (contributed once in 2013)
Joe Dresner (contributed once in 2014)
Patrick Drysdale (contributed once in 2011)
Joachim du Bellay (contributed once in 2018)
Eugene Dubnov (contributed twice between 2007 and 2016)
Kevin Ducey (contributed twice between 2015 and 2018)
Joseph Duemer (contributed once in 2000)
James Dufficy (contributed three times between 2009 and 2015)
Sasha Dugdale (contributed once in 2019)
Ian Duhig (contributed four times between 2004 and 2019)
Andrew Duncan (contributed once in 1999)
Jane Dunn (contributed once in 2016)
Oliver Dunne (contributed once in 2015)
Alan Dunnett (contributed once in 2007)
Elanor Dymott (contributed twice between 2006 and 2008)
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