The current Contributor Archive provides details of all contributions (and, in some cases, the contribution itself) in all of the issues of Stand Magazine published since March 1999. At this point the Volumes were renumbered to start again from Volume 1 Number 1, 1999, to date. We are working on adding all contributor details in this format for all of the issues in the previous published sequence from Stand Magazine Number 1, 1952 to Volume 40 Number 2, Spring 1999. Until this is complete, you can access a list of all of the contributors and their works published from 1952 as a downloadable spreadsheet.
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Terry Eagleton (contributed once in 1999)
Will Eaves (contributed twice between 2008 and 2011)
Xujun Eberlein (contributed once in 2004)
Lynley Edmeades (contributed once in 2014)
Lauris Edmond (contributed once in 2000)
Martin Edwards (contributed once in 2009)
Rhian Edwards (contributed once in 2009)
Sandra Egleton (contributed once in 2018)
Charlotte Eichler (contributed once in 2018)
Albert Einstein (contributed once in 2001)
Allison Eir Jenks (contributed once in 2000)
Catherine Eisner (contributed twice between 2007 and 2020)
Josh Ekroy (contributed four times between 2014 and 2022)
Adam Elgar (contributed seven times between 2011 and 2020)
Eliana Elia (contributed twice in 2020)
Eva Eliav (contributed once in 2008)
Elizabeth Baines (contributed once in 2004)
Yvonne Eller (contributed once in 2012)
Andrew Elliott (contributed once in 2013)
Maia Elsner (contributed once in 2020)
Steve Ely (contributed once in 2019)
Tamás Emöd (contributed once in 2009)
Peter Emerson (contributed once in 2013)
Jeff Encke (contributed once in 2011)
Jean Eng (contributed once in 2019)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger (contributed twice between 1999 and 2000)
Sergei Esenin (contributed once in 2016)
Daniela Esposito (contributed once in 2023)
Nancy Esposito (contributed once in 1999)
Carrie Etter (contributed twice between 2008 and 2023)
Meg Ettien-Kelly (contributed once in 2011)
Robert Etty (contributed once in 2022)
Richard Eustis (contributed once in 2008)
Rosemary Evans (contributed once in 2021)
Suzannah V. Evans (contributed once in 2019)
Katy Evans-Bush (contributed once in 2008)
Inga-Stina Ewbank (contributed once in 2001)
Blair Ewing (contributed once in 2000)
Rob Ewing (contributed once in 2012)
Marie-Louise Eyres (contributed twice in 2022)
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