The current Contributor Archive provides details of all contributions (and, in some cases, the contribution itself) in all of the issues of Stand Magazine published since March 1999. At this point the Volumes were renumbered to start again from Volume 1 Number 1, 1999, to date. We are working on adding all contributor details in this format for all of the issues in the previous published sequence from Stand Magazine Number 1, 1952 to Volume 40 Number 2, Spring 1999. Until this is complete, you can access a list of all of the contributors and their works published from 1952 as a downloadable spreadsheet.
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Ingeborg Bachmann (contributed three times between 2006 and 2011)
William Baer (contributed five times in 2004)
Andre Bagoo (contributed once in 2019)
Andrew Bailey (contributed once in 2006)
Kevin Bailey (contributed twice in 2020)
Elizabeth Baines (contributed once in 2012)
Catherine Baker (contributed once in 2019)
Peter Bakowski (contributed twice between 2009 and 2014)
Miriam Balanescu (contributed once in 2021)
Joe Balaz (contributed once in 2019)
Angela Ball (contributed three times in 2004)
David Ball (contributed twice between 2018 and 2023)
Manuel Bandeira (contributed once in 2016)
Sekhar Banerjee (contributed once in 2022)
Mary Jo Bang (contributed twice between 1999 and 2000)
Martin Banham (contributed once in 1999)
Olufunke Grace Bankole (contributed once in 2009)
Ros Barber (contributed twice in 2000)
Douglas Barbour (contributed once in 1999)
Susan Bard (contributed once in 2015)
Les Bares (contributed once in 2015)
Sebastian Barker (contributed once in 2009)
Mike Barlow (contributed once in 2023)
Peppy Barlow (contributed once in 2021)
John Barnard (contributed once in 2004)
Annette Barnes (contributed three times between 2011 and 2023)
Lucy Barnett (contributed once in 2015)
Ranald Barnicot (contributed once in 2018)
Tracy Jo Barnwell (contributed twice between 2008 and 2009)
Khairani Barokka (contributed once in 2019)
Alex Barr (contributed once in 1999)
Matt Barrell (contributed twice between 2011 and 2020)
Elizabeth Barrett (contributed once in 2017)
Judith Barrington (contributed once in 2000)
Peter Barry (contributed once in 2009)
Holly Bars (contributed once in 2022)
Ortsion Bartana (contributed eight times in 2004)
John Barton (contributed once in 2023)
Hafsah Aneela Bashir (contributed twice between 2015 and 2016)
Jane Baston (contributed once in 2018)
Paul Batchelor (contributed once in 2009)
John Battle (contributed twice between 2004 and 2007)
Jan Bay-Petersen (contributed once in 2021)
Fred Beake (contributed three times between 2014 and 2022)
Mary Beard (contributed once in 2001)
Alice Becker-Ho (contributed once in 2004)
Fiona Becket (contributed twice in 2008)
Chris Beckett (contributed once in 2011)
Elaine Beckett (contributed once in 2023)
Samuel Beckett (contributed once in 2001)
Daisy Behagg (contributed once in 2014)
Kate Behrens (contributed twice between 2017 and 2020)
Guy R. Beining (contributed once in 2020)
Mark Belair (contributed five times between 2014 and 2021)
Rosebud Ben-Oni (contributed once in 2023)
Peter Bennet (contributed once in 2019)
Bruce Bennett (contributed once in 1999)
Charles Bennett (contributed twice between 2005 and 2011)
Daniel Bennett (contributed once in 2023)
John C. Bennett (contributed once in 2015)
Martin Bennett (contributed eight times between 2004 and 2023)
Connie Bensley (contributed twice between 2005 and 2006)
Judi Benson (contributed seven times between 2005 and 2018)
Kaddy Benyon (contributed three times between 2014 and 2020)
Mara Bergman (contributed once in 2020)
Marc Berman (contributed once in 2014)
Charles Bernstein (contributed once in 1999)
Ilya Bernstein (contributed twice between 2020 and 2022)
Jean Berrett (contributed once in 2008)
Tessa Berring (contributed once in 2019)
Ashok Berry (contributed once in 2011)
Robert James Berry (contributed once in 2011)
Sonja Besford (contributed once in 2020)
Marlo Bester-Sproul (contributed twice between 2004 and 2009)
Gregory Betts (contributed once in 2020)
Kiran Bhat (contributed once in 2023)
Bi’an Award Winners (contributed once in 2019)
R.G. Binns (contributed once in 2000)
Stephen Bird (contributed once in 2022)
Jacqueline Bishop (contributed once in 2022)
Liam Bishop (contributed once in 2021)
Norman Bissett (contributed once in 2000)
Andrew Biswell (contributed twice between 1999 and 2000)
Yang Biwei 杨碧薇 (contributed once in 2020)
Joanna Blachnio (contributed once in 2014)
D.M. Black (contributed four times between 2004 and 2017)
Linda Black (contributed once in 2020)
Sharon Black (contributed five times between 2018 and 2024)
Neil Blackadder (contributed once in 2007)
Michael Blackburn (contributed twice between 2018 and 2023)
Uilleam Blacker (contributed twice between 2007 and 2011)
Jacob Blakesleu (contributed five times in 2016)
Jacob Blakesley (contributed once in 2017)
Jackson Bliss (contributed once in 2008)
Dmitry Blizniuk (contributed once in 2020)
Yvonne Blomer (contributed once in 2007)
Anne Blonstein (contributed once in 2012)
Steven Blyth (contributed twice between 2011 and 2014)
Joseph Blythe (contributed once in 2023)
Rachel Boast (contributed once in 2019)
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán (contributed once in 2024)
Elleke Boehmer (contributed twice between 2009 and 2020)
Dan Bogen (contributed twice between 2007 and 2009)
Paula Bohince (contributed once in 2015)
Natalie Linh Bolderston (contributed once in 2019)
Laurie Bolger (contributed once in 2023)
Bruce Bond (contributed four times between 2012 and 2018)
Yves Bonnefoy (contributed once in 2014)
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné (contributed once in 2022)
Claire Booker (contributed four times between 2017 and 2022)
Malika Booker (contributed once in 2022)
Booth (contributed once in 2015)
Jemma Borg (contributed once in 2012)
Keith Botsford (contributed once in 1999)
Joy Bouldin (contributed once in 2007)
Miranda Boulton (contributed once in 2020)
Rachel Bower (contributed nine times between 2016 and 2020)
Charles Boyle (contributed four times in 2000)
Alison Brackenbury (contributed 12 times between 1999 and 2021)
Rosalind Brackenbury (contributed once in 1999)
Andrea Brady (contributed twice in 1999)
David Brady (contributed once in 2023)
Beverley Bie Brahic (contributed once in 2017)
Christine Brandel (contributed once in 2008)
Wendy Brandmark (contributed three times between 2011 and 2023)
Ben Bransfield (contributed once in 2017)
James Brasfield (contributed three times between 2011 and 2023)
Julian Brasington (contributed once in 2020)
P. K. Brask (contributed twice between 2022 and 2024)
Anne M. Brechin (contributed once in 2008)
Michael Breiner (contributed once in 2014)
Madeleine Brettingham (contributed once in 1999)
Diana Bridge (contributed once in 2000)
Barbara Bridger (contributed twice between 2007 and 2021)
Andrew Brighton (contributed once in 2012)
Ian Brinton (contributed once in 2014)
Alan Britt (contributed twice between 2020 and 2022)
Iain Britton (contributed six times between 2007 and 2023)
Bill Broady (contributed once in 2000)
Joseph Brodsky (contributed once in 2001)
Louis Daniel Brodsky (contributed once in 2011)
Louis Daniel Brodsky (contributed once in 2007)
Tiziano Broggiato (contributed once in 2006)
Carole Bromley (contributed three times between 2000 and 2007)
Peter Bromley (contributed once in 2008)
J. L. Brook (contributed once in 2015)
Paul Brook (contributed once in 2011)
J.L. Brooke (contributed once in 2013)
David Brookes (contributed once in 2022)
Matt Broomfield (contributed once in 2021)
Andy Brown (contributed twice in 1999)
Deborah Brown (contributed once in 2009)
Judy Brown (contributed once in 2011)
Randall Brown (contributed once in 2009)
Retta Brown (contributed once in 2011)
Richard Brown (contributed twice between 2008 and 2009)
Paul Brownsey (contributed once in 2024)
Natascha Bruce (contributed once in 2017)
Matt Bryden (contributed once in 2021)
D. W. Brydon (contributed once in 2013)
Matt Brydon (contributed once in 2011)
Ciaran Buckley (contributed once in 2021)
Christina Buckton (contributed once in 2021)
Susan Bullock (contributed once in 2006)
Don Burbidge (contributed five times between 2004 and 2009)
Nick Burbridge (contributed once in 2015)
Sue Burge (contributed once in 2021)
Elliott Burnett (contributed once in 2022)
Lucy Burnett (contributed once in 2011)
Jo Burns (contributed once in 2022)
Andrzej Bursa (contributed once in 2008)
Marianne Burton (contributed three times between 2007 and 2014)
Philip Burton (contributed three times in 2004)
Ruth Burton (contributed four times between 2017 and 2021)
David Butler (contributed once in 2022)
Jack Butler (contributed once in 2014)
Sue Butler (contributed once in 2012)
James Byrne (contributed once in 2016)
Alicia Byrne Keane (contributed once in 2022)
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